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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Birth Day Checklist

To do list for Ayah :

1) Get the marriage certificate from JAIS branch in Shah Alam

2) Ready the file to make a police report after the birth (with the KK book/prenatal checkup appointment card/ultrasound scan pics/marriage certificate copy)

3) Clean and sterilize the main area of the house (living and dining hall, office, kitchen, master bedroom and the bathroom, front porch)

4) Pump up the birth pool

5) Stock up on at least 2 weeks worth of groceries - bottled water/milk/eggs/ etc

6) Get baby's car seat

7) Get baby's closet / storage compartments

8) Get baby carrier

9) Service the MYVI

10) Get the new pass number for joint account from the home branch

11) Get another clothes dryer

12) Get the big shade/umbrella/plastic tent

For Me:

1) kain batik / sarong

2) survival kit - water, snacks for energy (chocolate, banana, miso soup etc)

3) birth ball

4) visualisation board to remind of relaxation and breathing techniques and cues/contact list

5) Ipod, laptops - background musics/positive birth affirmations

6) robe for the after birth

7) essential oils - Virgin Coconut Oil, frangipani, neroli and peppermint

Room ambience and birth kit:

1) dimmed lights/candles/lanterns (get the lanterns from mama's house)

2) dettol, dental floss

3) birth pool - get the pump ready, kettle to boil water

4) 2 pails/bucket (need to be scrubbed clean and sterilized) to carry water for filling up the pool

5) fish net (to scoop out poop)

6) sheets/cloth/towels/blankets/mattress sheet (sterilized and washed)

7) another pair/set of pillows

8) Charged up camera and videocam

9) Torch light

10) mirror to see the crowning

For baby Akasyah:

1) receiving blanket

2) romper and diaper set

3) Apgar Test Kit - measuring tape, weighing scale, cloth

4) immediate feeding via direct latch

5) wash cloth

Birth SOP:

Pre-labor/during labor:


-make myself COMFORTABLE and RELAX and focus on BREATHING

-hold it out as long as possible before going into the pool


-pump up the birth pool and get the water ready

-contact WH

-get mama to ready the meal after the birth

-get the snacks/water ready by my side

-do light touch massage, hugs and kisses

-get ready the towels/cloth/blanket

-get the music/birth affirmations playing in the background

-keep track of the time and surges apart and take notes

-ready with the positive and calming cues

-help with the birth of the placenta

Immediately after birth:

-breast crawl and direct latch to birth the placenta

-skin-to-skin/eye contact

-Azan and Iqamah (done by Ayah)

-bonding and doing the Apgar test (done by Ayah)

-take pictures

-inform mama and get the meal ready

-Ayah to clean up

Post birth (a few days after):

-The next 2 days or so can visit Dr Zaza and/or Dr Mediyati for overall health evaluation for me and baby.

-Ayah, in the meantime, can make the police report and register the birth at Puchong JPN.

-The weekend after the birth, mama will host a kenduri doa selamat and cukur jambul then immediately after that stay with her to start the berurut/berbengkung/bertangas for about 1 week. (contact Makcik Munah to confirm availability and the fees - MYR 500-600)

-During that week, Ayah is to get the whole house baby-proof and clean up thoroughly

-Get maternity bra/breast pump and bottle set at least a month before going back to work

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