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Sunday, 18 December 2011

5th June, 2011

Salam bebe,

It's a peaceful Sunday. Next week we might be on the busy track again, Ayah and Ibu. Just an update, Ibu had just resigned from my existing post as an IT executive just a few days ago. Fortunately, because of you I received a much better job proposition and I might start in a couple of weeks time.

Ibu and Ayah went to see Dr. M last Friday. Ayah get to see you for the very first time on the ultrasound scan screen. In about 3 weeks time we will be seeing you again. From this checkup, your heart is beating fine and you've grown so much from the last time Ibu saw you. You've grown from slighly over a centimeter do about 4cm. You've done well!

You are now in your 11th week according to the scan machine and in a couple of weeks time we both would've passed our 3 months mark! We have had such a successful 1st trimester ^_^ That would mean you have been with us throughout our Kayak Tour. You are a strong survivor and a very loyal and good companion to me, in my best and worst of times.

Now that your heartbeat has been detected, the chances of losing you have greatly reduced and we hope we get to see you in due time.

Be good, stay active, play and sleep well. Just ignore Ibu's stress hormones nd let me just cry it out like good ol' times...

Like what the doctor said, " The baby is like a fruit, when it's ripe it'll come..."

Lotsa luv and schweet tots,

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