Salam, may peace be with you...I am a BIRTH JUNKIE! And this is my space where I share with you relative information regarding pregnancy and childbirth. This is MY personal space where YOU are welcome to be. All information shared be it in writing or graphic, is MY PERSONAL SHARING based on MY best of knowledge and experience in life. Therefore, it can be changed at any point of time to make it relevant and current. Whatever actions or reactions that YOU may take after being here, are YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. May this space is blessed by The Creator to be the platform of enlightenment & self development; may waves of positive vibes reverberates far and wide In Syaa Allah!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday 7th August, 2011

Salam bebe ibu,

Ayah and Ibu has decided to look into the option of a gentle, unhindered physiological birth to welcome you into our arms.

We want the best experience for you and myself (and of course to be easy on Ayah's pocket ^_^)

So let the 3 of us work together and prepare ourselves to go through this beautiful jorney together. On another note, Ayah is featured in the Star Newspaper :

Would you go on a solo camping trip? The Star

Ibu and Ayah can't wait to be with you and for the next checkup please do cooperate and show us your 'weewee' as we are getting your stuff ready...

Lotsa luv n schweet tots,

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