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Saturday, 17 December 2011

23/03/2011 - Last Menstrual Period Start Date

[A day after my 29th birthday]

Salam anak ibu...Yesterday ibu punya ulang tahun ke-29! What a day it the morning Ibu was anticipating you so much...Ibu went to the toilet and did the pregnancy test. But it showed me the negative result instead... :( But Ibu know that you are there in my belly.

So I went about my day feeling subdued. Had a talk with your Ayah. He's being really sweet and kind. Then Ibu made the mistake of taking papaya and milk combo in the morning...

I paid heavily for it. It was excruciatingly painful and I was down with tummy ache/acute abdominal cramping that I had to go and see Aunty Medi (Ibu and Ayah's preferred GP at Desa Pandan and our record goes way back since our high school years). She gave Ibu medicine to soothe my tummy ache and also a delicious home baked cupcake.

I just have a feeling that YOU are in me...(well at least half of you are already in me...just waiting for another half from Ayah to be combine...but let's leave that for later ^_^)

You are my best birthday gift Ever ever ever...can't wait to meet you.

Lotsa luv n schweet tots,


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