Salam, may peace be with you...I am a BIRTH JUNKIE! And this is my space where I share with you relative information regarding pregnancy and childbirth. This is MY personal space where YOU are welcome to be. All information shared be it in writing or graphic, is MY PERSONAL SHARING based on MY best of knowledge and experience in life. Therefore, it can be changed at any point of time to make it relevant and current. Whatever actions or reactions that YOU may take after being here, are YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. May this space is blessed by The Creator to be the platform of enlightenment & self development; may waves of positive vibes reverberates far and wide In Syaa Allah!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

My blog is now officially a gentle, physiological birth advocacy platform!


Tonight marks the time in history as I will officially announce and share my blog link for the first time EVER with my circle of friends! What I aspire for my blog to be is a space that readers can find something beneficial and/or relevant for them to share with their circle of contacts.

For those who are here reading and going through my shared links (please refer to the right panel - the title of the pages listed will bring you to the links) THANK YOU and WELCOME! ^_^

I hope you can share your feedbacks so that I can revised this space to function better with time. I would really appreciate them. Just a kind note : this site is progressive & dynamic; I will make time to update this space on a weekly basis (just because I am working full time & also in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy ^_^) So do stay tuned and bear with the changes and update.

p/s: most of the links and infos I shared over here is courtesy of the The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia and also from my own findings.


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