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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Note to self regarding the right to birth (shared over from my notes at GBG)

Morning mamas...after attending WH's hypnobirthing classes and spending a lot of time reading countless of evidence-based articles (shared here by Team Awesome and the ones that I found through googeling) on birthing (any kinds possible,as both the good & the bad birth stories,has something for us to learn about),I discovered a few things that I feel is important to be shared with those who wants to have a beautiful physiological birth experience (regardless of the venue but in a conducive environment where the mother gets to be herself & her surroundings-people involved,ambience etc allows her to just let her be):
1) this baby in your womb NOW,only have ONE chance and ONE way to be birth...once he/she has been successfully birthed (read:alive) they will take with them their birthing experience for the rest of their life (supressed in the sub-conscious & express externally through their temperaments and approach to life-FIRST IMPRESSION COUNTS!) This means that you can have an easy/safe birth with the help of medical interventions (read:drugs/artificial substances/standard medical procedures-long list of them) but IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you will have an easy baby/person (because babies are indeed human being with souls that can feel emotions and have progressive thoughts since in the womb and are conscious during their birthing process) to deal with,the rest of your life.Of course damage control can be done (bonding to be re-establish etc) but it means that you will have to invest EXTRA effort & resources to get the optimum parent-child relationship in which you can get EFFORTLESSLY through a natural physiological gentle birthing of your child.As long as the child is still in the womb, EVERY SECOND COUNTS and there is still a chance for them to have a great entrance in this life...[Time that you seek is a time that will slip but the time that you make is always there](no excuse for busyness/no available time - time is just a perception, it is YOUR perception and maybe being pregnant & having this baby will teach you to prioritize & multitask just because FAMILY COMES FIRST.
(p/s:this is me in the 1st tri...excited,scared,busy,ignorant,no time (time spent more on other 'stuff') etc...but I want to give my child the very best that I can so Alhamdulillah God directs me in all the possible direction in order for me to be able to do so...)
2) BE ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE & LOVING PARENT BY MAKING INFORMED DECISIONS- only YOU know what YOU WANT FOR YOUR BABY & YOURSELF in regards to bringing your baby out to share this life with you.So apply the same decision-making process that you have been doing your entire life to your birthing experience and don't leave it to others (medical practitioners/family/friends etc) to decide for you and then at the end when you are not feeling positively towards your birthing experience you move forward with blame or guilt...this should be the best way of getting what YOU WANT for the birthing event: INTENTION (set your goals)->FACT FINDING THROUGH TRUSTED RESOURCES TO JUSTIFY YOUR DECISION->DECIDE->INFORM/TELL/EXPRESS YOUR DECISION TO THOSE THAT WILL BE INVOLVED IN THE BIRTHING EVENT->CONTINUE TO MOVE IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR GOAL-> WHICH IS TO GIVE YOUR CHILD HIS GRAND ENTRANCE TO LIFE OUTSIDE THE COMFORT OF THE WOMB
(p/s:take comfort that,at any point of time,your decision is the best for you based on what you know and the resources that you have at that particular point of time...dont beat your self up for your past decisions (but do REVIEW on HOW you get to the decision in the first place and move on forward accepting the fact that if you know better then you will do better and work on the best ways to get the knowledge you need in order for you to do so...that is why it is always best to start at the earliest possible as every second counts...the faster you know the more time you have to respond to a certain situation/issue that might come in between you,your baby & his/her grand entrance to life)
-your level of tolerance towards 'contraction pain'/surge sensations & intensity for hypnobirthers, is relative (some would call it being in slight discomfort/uncomfortable but bearable,painless,the worst thing I had etc)
-common medical system benchmarks (baby size-which is usually inaccurate anyways via ultrasound & YOUR BABY FITS YOU JUST RIGHT NEVER TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL,amniotic fluid,the dreaded due date etc) are CONVENIENT FACTORS for the practitioners,but for expecting mothers they will become LIMITATIONS...which directs me to the next point
4) HUMAN SPECIES ARE DESIGNED FOR SURVIVAL (for thousands of generations & more to come) and the modern medical system has only been around since being revolutionized in the 19th century.Our anatomy & physiological process is perfectly designed for our survival of the species purpose. you dont need a doctor to birth your baby.our ancestors birth their babies by themselves and they dont need to understand how or what is the process,but they are just in tune with their body ('listening' to cues, intuition-primal/mothers' instinct etc) and their baby.But we,modern thinking humans,brought up by modern technology,systems & processes,have to satisfy our rational/irrational thoughts on birth by going to see the doctors and trusting that they know best how to handle our own birthing event.they need to have those machines and tests because they dont have the baby in their belly...we dont need those invasive medical practises as we can feel when something is not right.PAIN is GOOD because it indicates/tells you that something is not right in the places you can't see,so that you can do something about it.HAVE FAITH & PUT BACK THE TRUST IN YOURSELF THAT YOU CAN BIRTH YOUR BABY WITHOUT INTERVENTION AS YOUR BABY HAS CHOSEN TO BE BIRTH BY YOU...

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