Salam, may peace be with you...I am a BIRTH JUNKIE! And this is my space where I share with you relative information regarding pregnancy and childbirth. This is MY personal space where YOU are welcome to be. All information shared be it in writing or graphic, is MY PERSONAL SHARING based on MY best of knowledge and experience in life. Therefore, it can be changed at any point of time to make it relevant and current. Whatever actions or reactions that YOU may take after being here, are YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. May this space is blessed by The Creator to be the platform of enlightenment & self development; may waves of positive vibes reverberates far and wide In Syaa Allah!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The birth of a mother...'s been quite some time that I left this space to pursue life in general, or rather being caught up in the general scheme of living, so to speak. Back in June, I was in between jobs and now entering the final quarter of 2011, I am also crossing into the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy. When I first started this blog, I was a romantic and fell in love with the idea of writing about my life as it is and if it caught somebody's interest, then I was in luck. I just love to write and share stories about things or issues that are close to my heart.

Now I am a wife, mother to my child who is still nesting comfortably in my womb and a working woman. And I finally found my purpose. I want to advocate on positive birth for mothers everywhere. Hence, I find it important to clean up this space and make way for beneficial information and discourse links to be shared - from one mother to another.

So, my mission for this whole October is that I promise to share, most of what I can gather from my trusted resources, within this space to make myself more informed and in doing so I hope that it also affects you in a positive way. However, I would also encourage you to validate the facts and findings shared here by your own research and fact finding...I can be your point of referal but in the end you would still have to decide whether to take my word on face value or not. I am entitled to my personal views as you are to yours. I am seriously engaging myself to be a vocal advocate on a positive birth movement.

Here goes the 1st chapter in my journey to motherhood...

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