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Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Conscious Parenting Summit

The Conscious Parenting Summit is a free online event featuring exclusive interviews with a selection of the world's foremost conscious parenting experts...

Go to this link to register and get to listen to the free interviews : >

List of experts and their respective interviews:

All interviews are available to listen to for free for 24 hours from the start time.
  1. Ingrid Bauer Interview - Jul 17 @ 8PM EST
  2. Robin Lim Interview - Jul 18 @ 8PM EST  
  3. Dr. Sarah Buckley, MD Interview - Jul 19 @ 8PM EST
  4. Barbara Harper Interview - Jul 20 @ 8PM EST  
  5. Laura Shanley Interview - Jul 21 @ 8PM EST  
  6. Elena Vladirimova Interview - Jul 22 @ 8PM EST  
  7. April Renee Interview - Jul 23 @ 8PM EST  
  8. Jan Hunt Interview - Jul 24 @ 8PM EST  
  9. Naomi Aldort Interview - Jul 25 @ 8PM EST
  10. Carrie Contey, PhD Interview - Jul 26 @ 8PM EST  
  11. Shazzie Interview - Jul 27 @ 8PM EST  
  12. Hethir Rodriguez Interview - Jul 28 @ 8PM EST  
  13. Bregje Hamelynck Interview - Jul 29 @ 8PM EST  
  14. Michael Mendizza Interview - Jul 30 @ 8PM EST  
  15. Marilyn Milos Interview - Jul 31 @ 8PM EST  
  16. Mary Jackson Interview - Aug 1 @ 8PM EST

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